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Course Syllabus

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Helicopter PPL(H) Syllabus (EASA)

Set out below are all the exercises that will be covered during the Helicopter PPL(H) as from 17th September 2012 when EASA rules came into effect:
1a, 1b & 2Familiarisation, pre & post flight actions, emergencies, ground briefs only
3Air Experience
4Effects of controls
5Power & attitude changes
6Straight & level flight
10Basic Auto-Rotation
11bHover Taxing, Spot Turns
11cHovering, Taxing Emergencies
12Take off & Landing
13Transitions from hover to climb and approach to hover
14aCircuit, approach and landing
14bSteep and limited power approaches and landings
14cEmergencies (abandoned take-off, missed approach, etc.)
15First Solo
16Sideways and backwards flight
17Spot Turns
18Hover Out of Ground Effect (OGE), vortex ring
19Simulated Engine Off Landings (EOL)
20Advanced autorotations
21Practice forced landings
22Steep turns
24Quick stops
25bNavigation problems at low heights and in reduced visability
26Advanced take-off, landings and transitions
27Sloping ground
28Limited power
29Confined areas
30Basic instrument flight
31aNight flying (if night qualification required)
32bNight cross country (if night qualification required)

PPL(H) Training Prices:

Robinson R22 (2 seater) prices

Ad Hoc:
10 Hour Block:
£338.00 per hour
£328.00 per hour
Ad Hoc
£338.00 per hour
10 Hour Block
£328.00 per hour

Robinson R44 (4 seater) prices

Ad Hoc:
10 Hour Block
£508.00 per hour
£496.00 per hour
Ad Hoc
10 Hour Block
£496.00 per Hour
(Timings are taken from Rotors Turning to Rotors Stopped)

  • All prices on this page valid from April 2022 and are exclusive of VAT
  • Our prices include all landing and circuit fees at Headcorn. At many other schools these can be up to £30 extra per flight!
  • In all cases please note that Height and Weight restrictions apply, please contact us for more details.
  • For more information on trial helicopter flying lessons or gaining your helicopter PPL(H), please use the menu to view the relevant page. For more information CONTACT US or to buy a gift voucher click on gift vouchers below.

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